Thursday, April 02, 2009

tryna make a dolla outta 15 cents.

no, this isn't another "economy-sucks-because-of-what-these-stupid-ass-politicians-did" music blog post, folks. i have to lament a little, though. of course, I'm feeling better from the past week and that meant, once I was better-- that is, that I had to run a few errands. i got a speeding ticket back in december for driving nine over the speed limit. i then go to blockbuster (which i haven't been to in years) to rent the traffic school dvd. finished it in about a month. kept on putting the ticket off and soon enough I got a suspension notice. this brings me to today.

the cool thing about all of this, and why i'm writing today, is while i was in line at the traffic violations bureau, I seemed to remember I left my ipod on and visible in the car. When I ran out to turn it off, I noticed that the track it was on was "More Money" by Prince Charles and the City Beat Band. geez. I guess all of that was actually meant to happen.

(PSA: Never, EVER... put off things of this nature, folks... you'll always get dicked in the ass! and not in a good way, girls.. tee hee hee...)

The song talks of inflation on the essentials (food, gas, shelter) and how politicians only care about themselves. In the end, we're still screwed, folks.

 All of this is placed on a soggy heavy synth bassline and a funky flute solo that'll even warm the coldest hobo's heart.

listen like your electricity is about to go out.

Prince Charles and The City Beat Band "More Money" (12-inch version) 1984

(P.S.--- Y E S. you can download these tracks... click the divshare logo to get that page to get the high quality mp3!)

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Mike.L. said...

So happy that you're blogging. LONGER OUT!