Thursday, July 05, 2007

FUNKTROLLEY ON VACATION || The FunkTastic Vinyl Voyage.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen... I finally went on vacation. to Jersey, New York, and Philly. I still have about seven days left, and already.... I have spent almost $200 dollars on records. scary, right?

More sounds coming when i come back.

Otherwise, i'm definitely having a great time, though. Eating a whole lot of food. unneccersarily. you'll see a lot of pictures of my dishes also when I return to the sunshine state.


Friday, June 29, 2007


meh. It's been quite awhile since I posted something on this blog only because "the real world" summoned to be busy. Apologies to folks who have been following FunkTrolley. I swear there will be hot stuff coming around soon.
Rick James was an awesome and quite extroverted (understatement!) figure all in his own during his life. But throughout his recording career, he was NOTHING without the synth squiggles and sax solos of the Stone City Band (not to mention, the vocal backing of the Mary Jane Girls). Sure he put them together, but the main thing was that with or without Rick, they could definitely hold their own. One plain example of this was their 1983 Out From The Shadow LP. The LP is filled with a hilarious amount of moogs, catchy lyrics, and funky rhythms. Sadly, thanks to Motown's scarce budget and Rick James' irratic behavior, this LP was close to ignored and the original members of the SCB disbanded by '86.


Lover and Only Man
Love Hassles
( Out From The Shadows, 1983 )

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yet another music blog, eh?! meh. not really.
So this is my first post here on funktrolley. After seeing many folks with great music blogs, I felt that I could do the same... channeling the energy I have outside of
SOULTRAINFANS, my music, and everyday life.

The focus of this blog?

It's pretty much all about what I'm digging at this point, and hopefully, you'll like it, too. While it may be the sounds of funk, soul, and electro, it also may be the sounds of jazz, rock, anything else that tickles my fancy. If you're a real music lover (or musician), you cannot just box yourself in one genre. ever.

and you can quote me on that.

I will probably need some pointers, so all you blog folks out there who feel that you CAN help, please do.

I was trying to find a song to suit this special occasion and stumbled upon Multireedist Bennie Maupin's 1978 LP "Moonscapes." He had a sweet song on there entitled "Just Give It Time." How fitting.

Bennie Maupin
"Just Give It Time"
(Moonscapes, 1978)

and Just Give It Time, funktrolley will be on a roll! Cheers.