Saturday, November 15, 2008

we take too long to post.
but the good thing is that i have been busy to get it together with this blog. though we are in the second year, this is still only the beginning.

here are some of my favorites choons at this moment:

Kiddo "She's Got The Body" (Action, 1984) (zshare)

On another note, I posted some ULTRA RARE HOTNESS of Kiddo on Soul Train in 1983 doing "Try My Lovin':"

Spandau Ballet "Only When You Leave" (Parade, 1985) (zshare)

Starpoint "It's All Yours" (It's All Yours, 1984) (zshare)

Passion Pit "Cuddle Fuddle" (Chunk Of Change, 2008) (zshare)