Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's been that long?

So. according to this blog, I went on vacation and never came back. HAHAH.
There have been some friends that have wondered where I went on the blog as it was "possibly great reading."
So, i decided to hookup this blog again to not only make it look nicer (I'd love to update it again, but a skilled graphic designer I'm not) but also continue to throw those songs out there as musical tastes continue to breeze out there.

besides, seeing Funktrolley on Hype Machine would be DOPESAUCE, no?

anyway. here are some that have been favorites as of late:

Was (Not Was) back in '83 was considered "generally unclassifiable."
Funny that almost all of the tracks on "Born To Laugh At Tornadoes" had this soul music undertone. Sweet Pea Atkinson, Mitch Ryder, and Ozzy Osbourne (!) are amongst the special guest vocals.

DL: Was (Not Was) "Betrayal (featuring Doug Fieger of The Knack)" (zshare)

Looking over a lot of blogs, I have found that MGMT is getting quite popular. I've found some of their tracks to be quite entertaining... some even have a Bowie-esque kind of sound to them while others are straight fonky and melancholy like the one I have uploaded for all of you!

DL: MGMT "Electric Feel" (zshare)

High Inergy could NOT get a hit on Motown to save their lives after 1978's "You Can't Turn Me Off." However, after their appearance on Motown 25 with DeBarge, they had one last attempt for greatness via "He's A Pretender." This fared as their swan song (and one of their biggest hits) as High Inergy broke up in '84. Lead singer Barbara Mitchell went solo for Capitol Records later that year.

DL: High Inergy "He's A Pretender" (zshare)

Other Jammin' stuts:

DL: Daft Punk "Human After All" (GUY-MAN AFTER ALL JUSTICE REMIX) (zshare)
(thanks to the wonderful folks at manalogue. for this one!!)

DL: Gwen Guthrie "Peek-A-Boo" (12'' Version) (zshare)
(rest in peace to one of the most neglected singer/songwriters of our time.)

DL: Minus The Bear "Throwin' Shapes" (zshare)
(the video premiered yesterday on eMpTytV... you can see it here.)